I would like more information on how The Plastic Bank works.

The Plastic Bank is focused on revealing value in plastic and people. We reveal value in plastic by creating an opportunity for individuals to exchange plastic for cash and other items and services that help people transcend poverty. By recycling the waste plastic they return, we aim to reduce the amount of new plastic created globally. We do this by creating a consumer demand for corporations to use our ethically sourced plastic; called Social Plastic®.

What is The Plastic Bank?

The Plastic Bank’s goal is to lead the movement for a worldwide demand to use Social Plastic® in everyday products resulting in the reduction of plastic waste and poverty. Through this demand we can eliminate the need for new virgin plastics to be produced. The greater the worldwide demand becomes, the higher the reward will be for collecting Social Plastic®. The Plastic Bank aims to reduce global poverty and plastic waste by empowering the world’s most disadvantaged people.

Is The Plastic Bank a charity?

The Plastic Bank is a triple bottom line business focused on social impact. We have a self-sustaining business model made possible through the sale of Social Plastic®. We want to ensure that the extent of our social impact is not dependent on donations.

Is The Plastic Bank selling Social Plastic® and Social Plastic® 3D printing filament?

We are very interested in having resellers and buyers of our Social Plastic® and Social Plastic® 3D printing filament. We are currently in the process of finalizing our research and development and implementing a system to make our filament commercially viable to sell. This will be possible in the near future.

Is The Plastic Bank hiring or looking for interns?

Currently The Plastic Bank is not hiring for any additional positions. At this time we are not offering any internship opportunities.

Is The Plastic Bank expanding to other areas or looking for partners?

We currently have our full attention on our operations in Haiti; a country where 75% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. The Plastic Bank has plans to expand into any community where there is waste plastic and will be reaching out to potential partners as we move forward.

What type of companies use Social Plastic®?

We look for values alignment in our partnerships. This includes companies with a strong history of social good initiatives and/or a genuine long-term vision for social impact. We have a preference for brands with eco-friendly product lines that use green materials, sustainable practices and a strong CSR program.  We are also open to helping existing businesses lead by example by becoming social impact champions.

Who do I contact to do a cover story or interview with The Plastic Bank?

Please contact Sean@PlasticBank.org to arrange a media interview with CEO David Katz or Co-Founder Shaun Frankson.