David Katz is a dynamic, inspirational speaker described by many as “the best in the sustainability industry.” He is globally renowned for The Plastic Bank’s solution to make plastic waste a currency that transcends poverty, while stopping the flow of plastic into our oceans. Salt Magazine’s list of The World’s Top 100 Compassionate Business Leaders recognized David as #4 between Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Elon Musk.

David has made appearances in the award winning documentary A Plastic Ocean, the reality TV show Dragons Den and countless news interviews. He performs globally, with frequent keynotes for Sustainable Brands, World Forum for Circular Economy, and the Entrepreneurs Organization. David has also spoken at various corporate events for organizations such as Unilever, Seventh Generation, Dow Chemical, and World Vision.

Katz delivers a genuine paradigm shift that inspires his audience to see opportunity, where others see problems. His presentation can be personalized to your audience and can combine elements of his various speaking topics.

  • The opportunities in serving the world’s poor.
  • How our self-limiting beliefs shape our untapped potential to create change.
  • Living a life through core values and manifesting success.
  • Creating an exponential organization and how to bring ideas to scale.
  • How entrepreneurs are ideally positioned to solve the global grand challenges.
  • The Plastic Bank and its global vision to stop plastic waste from entering the ocean.

David’s Bio


David is the Founder of The Plastic Bank and winner of Entrepreneur Organization’s Global Citizen of the Year. This award is given to one member of E.O. each year that uses their entrepreneurial skills to make a positive change in the world. David Katz was recently recognized as #4 in Salt Magazine’s list of The World’s Top 100 Compassionate Business Leaders between Dr. Muhammad Yunus and Elon Musk.


After ten successful years of business, David sold his GPS tracking technology company to focus on the growth of The Plastic Bank. The Plastic Bank makes plastic waste a currency that can be exchanged to help lift people out of poverty by providing income and additional life-improving items and services. By revealing the value in waste plastic The Plastic Bank helps reduce global poverty while stopping plastic from entering our oceans and waterways.


David also founded The Core Values Institute, which is a global thought leadership platform and consultancy that helps entrepreneurs uncover, and live in line with the values that drive their success. David’s workshops and “Values Auction” reveal the values that guide every decision the entrepreneur makes.


David’s combination of business and sustainability expertise has earned him massive global media attention for his work founding The Plastic Bank.


The Plastic Bank received the Sustainia Community Award at COP21 World Climate Summit in Paris. David shares his journey in founding The Plastic Bank; a for-profit social enterprise that alleviates extreme poverty by reducing plastic in the environment.

About The Plastic Bank

The Plastic Bank is a platform for the world to gather together to alleviate global poverty and ocean plastic through recycling. On a high level, it is a convenience store for the worlds poor that accepts plastic waste as a currency. This global recycling system is sustained through the sale and use of Social Plastic by some of the world’s largest organizations.


Social Plastic’s value is transferred into the hands of collectors, by assuring they receive a consistent, above-market rate for recycling plastics. By revealing the value in waste plastic, The Plastic Bank helps alleviate global poverty while preventing plastic from entering our oceans and waterways.


The value of Social Plastic® goes beyond the commodity price of plastic. Corporations are paying for a genuine social impact. Social Plastic® is the fair trade of recycled plastic. It provides the highest possible positive social impact through the use of recycled plastic.


The Plastic Bank has inspired a movement, resulting in features in Forbes, TIME, Fast Company, BBC and over 300 other articles from over 25 countries. Social Plastic® has over 1 million Facebook supporters and a collective 1 million Twitter fans between various company accounts, all contributing towards an immediate demand for TPB’s globally trademarked Social Plastic® brand.


I invited David Katz to speak at the Urban Thinkers’ Campus addressing the future of water, waste and work in urban poverty reduction. David was an inspiring keynote, succinctly and effectively drawing in stories, facts and figures, future aspirations with practical next steps to encourage all present to remain both committed to urban poverty reduction and environmental protection, while urging us to utilize innovative and emerging approaches to address these global challenges.

David is a capable and engaging speaker. His presentation highlighted his passion for environmental change and social empowerment – it was an encouraging, yet challenging presentation that resulted in an extended period of questions, robust discussion and envisioning for the future.

I strongly recommend David as a speaker and would confidently invite him to present again at World Vision hosted events in the future and trust the quality of presentation that he would deliver.

Mike Poustie

World Vision International

In my experience as the Director of Content Development at Sustainable Brands, I have had the pleasure of working with many of the sustainability industry’s brightest minds. David ranks among the top speakers I’ve encountered. His speeches on the intersection of social innovation and business have influenced business leaders in many parts of the world.

David is an inspiring keynote speaker. His passion for social and environmental change is infectious. At my request, in June 2015 David provided a keynote address to a group of high-level sustainability, brand strategy, marketing, and product innovation executives at the biggest annual Sustainable Brands conference in San Diego, CA. This keynote speech was superb – casual and interactive in style, smartly positioned within the event’s theme, and appropriately thought-provoking.
He offered a new lens through which to view some of the greatest global challenges as opportunities to build and improve upon the current business paradigm. Attendees gained new insight into the value of plastics-based resources and innovative business solutions to some of the world’s greatest plastic-waste challenges.

In sum, it is my pleasure to recommend David Katz as an influential and compelling keynote speaker. He will deliver valuable insight and inspiration in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Dimitar Vlahov

Sustainable Brands