GATHER TOGETHER to alleviate extreme poverty & ocean plastic.




Recyclers bring plastics to a Social Plastic recycling market.




Social Plastic unleashes the creativity, potential, & pride in the disadvantaged.




Help create a global opportunity for dignified recycling entrepreneurs.




Recyclers exchange plastic for cash, items, or services.




They exchange plastic for sustainable cooking stoves or sugarcane briquettes.




Even for solar powered phone charging.




We've partnered with the world's largest brands to use Social Plastic.




Social Plastic hits the root cause of ocean plastic.




The 'plastic canal' in Haiti will be the home of our next Social Plastic market.




1 Million People

Have Asked For Social Plastic with a Like.


Consumers around the world are showing a preference for brands with a cause. Social Plastic® helps improve the life of a person in need, while preventing plastic waste from entering our oceans. Over 8 trillion lbs of plastic already exists on this planet, we don’t need to make any more if we increase the global recycling rates through ethically sourced Social Plastic® supply chains.

COP21: Globally voted as the most important sustainable business.