We Make Plastic Waste a Currency to Help Reduce Global Poverty, While Stopping Plastic from Entering the Ocean.




You Can Make Plastic Waste Too Valuable To Be Waste.


Social Plastic® improves the life of a disadvantaged person while keeping plastic waste out of the ocean.


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We are now implementing The Plastic Bank Solar Powered Recycling Markets in Haiti. This full scale system empowers recyclers across Haiti to trade plastic for more than just cash. Now a collector will have the option to trade plastic waste for WIFI, phone charging, phone minutes, onsite video calling and more. These solar powered center’s also come with solar lighting to provide a place for local students to continue their studies at night. This is just the beginning for turning plastic waste into a currency that is too valuable to throw away. Please help create change with your actions. Click here to ask a brand to use Social Plastic ®.

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With your help more corporations will use recycled Social Plastic® that helps improve the life of a person in need, while preventing plastic waste from entering our oceans. Over 8 trillion lbs of plastic already exists on this planet, we don’t need to make any more if we increase the global recycling rates. Please “Like” our Facebook page to help prove the demand.

Recycling Plastic Saves the Ocean

When investigating the route cause of ocean plastic, we discovered that the majority of plastic pollution in our oceans, gyres and marine life all started on land. It’s common practice in developing areas for plastic waste to get dumped into the rivers and ocean bound water ways. But there is no such thing as throwing something away. It always goes somewhere. Sadly, our oceans end up being the meaning of “away”. As true ocean lovers, The Plastic Bank is our business solution to tackling the route cause of ocean plastic. Guided by our core values to reveal value, bridge community and love people we aim to clean up the planet while improving the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged people in the process.

The Plastic Collected by The Plastic Bank, is Recycled into Social Plastic®. Please Ask Brands to Help Keep Plastic Out of the Oceans While Helping People in Need By Using Recycled Social Plastic®.

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