Did You Know That Every Year Over 300 Million Tons of New Plastic is Produced, Yet Less Than 10% Gets Recycled Worldwide?

Imagine if Plastic Waste Was Too Valuable to be Seen as Waste.


Imagine if Your Actions Could Help Make Plastic Waste a Currency that Improves the Life of a Disadvantaged Person.


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We Provide a Ladder of Opportunity for the Worlds Poor to Ascend from Poverty by Exchanging Plastic Waste for a Reliable Income & Life Improving Opportunities.

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With your help more corporations will use recycled Social Plastic™ that helps improve the life of a person in need, while preventing plastic waste from entering our oceans. Over 8 trillion lbs of plastic already exists on this planet, we don’t need to make any more if we increase the global recycling rates. Please “Like” our Facebook page to help prove the demand.

The Plastic Collected by The Plastic Bank, is Recycled into Social Plastic™ and Used to Create Products With a Social Impact. Please Ask Brands to Help People in Need By Using Recycled Social Plastic™.

Improving Lives Through 3D Printing


In 2013 we took plastic that was once floating in the ocean and turned it into the feedstock for 3D printing. After winning the RCBC Innovation award we proudly made the technology open sourced for any one to use and/or improve upon.

It’s our goal to empower disadvantaged people around the world with 3D printing. When we turn the plastic they collect into items to sell or utilize they get exponentially better value. We envision a world where anyone can collect plastic to use as the resource for there own micro-manufacturing business. This is how we truly make plastic waste too valuable to ever throw away.

The Official Launch of The Plastic Bank in Peru








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